Submission report via telephone

Welcome to the phone-based reporting system of OWH SE i.L.

In order to protect and maintain the good reputation of the OWH SE i.L., the detection and elimination of potential law breaches are a main key factor. Therefore, and also to fulfill the legal requirements, OWH SE i.L. has set up this specially secured communication platform which enables clients, suppliers and persons in a comparable position to submit reports about potential law breaches in an anonymous and confidential way.

Please dial the following number in order to access our whistleblowing system via telephone: +493012095120

If you are asked to enter a Company Access PIN, please enter: 4953

Please provide more details after the tone and confirm the recording with the star-key.

You will be guided through an automated telephone dialogue. During this process, you can describe the incident in detail and are asked to answer a few questions about the situation.

The information you provide will be handled in strict confidentiality and only shared with the parties responsible for further examination of the report.

At the end of the report submission process, you can set up a secured postbox. You will receive feedback from us via this postbox. We will answer your questions and keep you posted about the outcome of your report.